Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Can the Word of Wisdom Protect Us from Chronic Illnesses?

I believe there are choices faithful Christians can make that will pour down blessings upon us and produce outcomes in a way that can be (and will be) explained as nothing but a miracle.

I have spent much time studying and pondering the Word of Wisdom recently. The topic I have been contemplating most recently is where we are taught that if we follow the teachings in the Word of Wisdom, "The destroying angel shall pass (us) by." In the footnotes for this particular phrase it explains that we will have "protection" & "divine" - I read this as: *divine protection*.

Protection from What?

So what are we needing protection from? In the beginning of the Word of Wisdom it explains that this revelation was given to us because of the "evils and designs that do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days". I don't like to get into conspiracy theories but I have learned about information (from reputable resources) that our water, air, and food, (especially meat, interestingly enough) can be contaminated with chemicals, pathogens and/or other toxins either by accident or, most disturbingly, by design, that are immediately or gradually harmful to us and our posterity.

Aside from receiving much needed "divine protection" from the evils and designs of wayward people in these latter days (which the Word of Wisdom offers us), when the Word of Wisdom promises us divine protection from the "destroying angel" I believe this "destroying angel" to also be modern day chronic illnesses.

I am in a position where I am in contact with many chronically ill people - I am overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to me telling me that they or their loved ones are suffering with confusing, unmanageable chronic illnesses.

There are so many wonderful natural and alternative remedies the Lord has blessed us with to help us overcome / get through these illnesses. But the more I see people suffering and spending all their time, money, and efforts on treatments (and never really getting better), the more I see that we are being pushed to follow the Lord's teachings and are being propelled to obey his commandments more than ever before. We have no other option! We have to figure this out! And those who are figuring it out now are the ones who need to teach this information to others.

It's time for our eyes to be opened.

Two Main Steps for Chronic Illnesses

Two main spiritual steps I see we need to take to help us permanently overcome chronic illnesses are:

1. Follow the Word of Wisdom! Study it. Ponder it. Experiment with it. Pray about it. Find one treasure after another about it. And live it!

2. Let go of sins! Fear, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, etc. - these are also all sins. We need to recognize them as such and use the atonement to help us overcome these sins.

I believe that because we, as a people, have not followed the Word of Wisdom, we have brought upon us the natural consequences of not having done so and are now plagued with chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses will only get worse and become more prevalent from one generation to the next as long as we continue in our disobedience.

If we take a step back and look at the world, we will clearly see that our blatant disobedience to the Word of Wisdom is keeping us from becoming a Zion people and is contributing to environmental corruption - which, although is inevitable, is *not* something we should be contributing to. (That topic will be a post for another time.)

Word of Wisdom-Friendly Recipe

*The image above is of a Word of Wisdom-friendly meal we had tonight - Multi-Grain (Meatless) Taco Soup. You can find the printable recipe below.

Here's the printable recipe to our Multi-Grain Taco Soup. 

I hope this information is a blessing to your and your family,



  1. I'm so happy you posted this!! I'm 22 and have been strongly promoted by the Lord to follow the Word of Wisdom.
    When I was in 4th grade I developed Hypoglycemia despite my small frame.
    When I was 15, I started to become my mom's diet partner. It was so exciting. We would try all these crazy diets that would test are will power, and mess with our heads. We would loose 4-6 lbs in 1 week just to gain it back in 2.
    When I turned 18, I took a long hard look at my mom's behavior, and realized that for the last 20 years she had yoyo dieted, counted calories, weighted herself every morning, mealed prepped, and scrutinized her appearance. I had to look at that and think, do I want to spend the next 20 - 60 years of my life obsessed with food and my body. I remember thinking, I wish we didn't have to eat, because then I wouldn't have to think about food anymore. I was tired. I didn't think that Heavenly Father wanted my life to be like that. He wanted me to enjoy food, not hate it.
    So at the age of 18, I decided to stop this nonsense. I was still a curvy slim, but I had developed a little tummy pug from the years of abuse. I got married, and started looking into nutrition. The Word of Wisdom became my favorite passage of Scripture. I new that if I could just understand it better, I could be healed from this dreaded hypoglycemia that had plagued me all these years. But I still was having a hard time understanding how to implement it's doctrine into my life.
    When I was 19, I stumbled upon a movie called Forks over Knives. After watching it I compared it to the word of wisdom. I felt strongly that this was the best way 'for me' to start implementing the Word of Wisdom into my diet. So I started there, very slow and steady. I ordered 3 forks over knives recipe book. There were a lot of fails( like not realizing that nutritional yeast and rising yeast aren't the same thing) and a lot of years of frustration. I wanted this to be easy, but for me, it was one of the hardest commandments that I have been asked to keep. Without realizing it, my body had become so addicted to unhealthy food. but I found out some very interesting truths. The world's food, leaves an imprint of flavor, so strong that if I were to say Oreo, you could almost taste it just by thinking about it. Or Pizza, or Brownies.... But with Heavenly Fathers food, you could eat a Watermelon, enjoy it to the fullest, but when your done, there is not longer of taste. I can't remember what a strawberry taste like or an apple, or orange taste like unless I'm eating it. And for me. this is a huge Blessing. because I no longer have to think about food 24/7. But I still get to enjoy the best Heavenly Father has to offer.
    at the age of 20 I took a nutritional course and realized that what we are taught isn't always parallel to the word of Wisdom.
    Then at 21 I finally stumbled past that last peice of information that I needed. I needed to feel like I wasn't the only LDS saints receiving this information and I stumbled upon Jane Birch. I'll put a link to her website at the bottom. She finally helped me feel like I wasn't alone. Luckily I married a man who supported me the best he could by eating anything I put in front of him and only having kind things to say. (Even if they weren't very good meals at first) We are both striving for better understanding and strength to carry in a world serounded by harmful foods. we hope to teach this devinely inspired Commandment to our children in hopes to eliminate some confusion. I bear my testimony that Heavenly Father love us, and wants us to take care of our body's so our minds can be clear of the clutter and give are spirits room to grow and prosper more fully and quickly.


    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and sharing your journey on this blog. I had forgotten that I had purchased Jane Birch's book in the past. Right now I feel prompted not to read any other materials to gather my information about the Word of Wisdom but once I get the go-ahead - I can't wait to see how what I've learned compares to what she's shares in her book.

      Thanks again!


  2. I love that you are addressing this because it has been on my mind for awhile now. It's a subject I'm really trying to understand and learn how to implement in my life. I'm learning that eating in season is a really good start (I was in my late 20's to early 30's before I grasped that food had seasons because its always available at the store). Please keep the recipes coming, WOW recipes are hard to come by. Thanks Claudia

  3. **Disclaimer: This is a long so I had to post it in 2 parts, I hope you'll still read it though**
    I read your blog post because it was shared by a friend and I want to begin by emphasizing that I believe that both of you are well intentioned in sharing your message. However, I want to share a few things that I felt as I read this and I share them not to be confrontational but as a reminder that our words, especially in the public forum, have consequences. The consequences of your words while they were meant to share a message of healthy living have, I believe, the ability to negatively impact individuals who suffer from chronic illness because simply directing them to ‘Follow the Word of Wisdom’ and ‘Let go of sins’ is a gross oversimplification of the daily struggle they face. Many chronically ill individuals already struggle with feelings of self-doubt, guilt and wonder daily how? why? how long? why me/my loved one? and this could unintentionally add to their burden. Again let me emphasize that I believe this is unintentional and I share this with love and concern.
    With that in mind I’d like to share with you the following perspective as someone who has struggled with chronic illness for years. The blessings of the Word of Wisdom, specifically to run and not be weary and walk and not faint are ones that we should all seek after, but as someone who lives this principle but still faces chronic illness I’ve learned that I must look for the fulfillment of those blessings in other ways. Personally I have found that in my life I’ve been blessed with the ability of endurance. Without going into detail I will tell you that I know this is a blessing of living the Word of Wisdom and while it’s not one of health it is vital to my daily battle to endure well the trial of chronic illness. So there may be multiple ways that God’s children receive the promised blessings in their lives from living the Word of Wisdom that don’t relate specifically to full health and wellness.
    Additionally when sin is connected to health or to imply that illness is a ‘natural consequence’ of some kind it can be quite harmful. One scripture in particular comes to mind immediately, John 9:1-3, in the passage the Savior heals a man who was blind from birth and his disciples ask him, “Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents...” and the Savior answered, “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” This scripture has always reminded me that the Lord is mindful of all His children and that even in times of great suffering there are great miracles to be seen and lessons to learn. Sometimes the ill are healed as in this scripture but other times the works of God are made manifest in other ways such as the caretakers or the faith that is necessary to wait upon the Lord for healing.
    --Angela (part 1 of 2)

  4. **part 2 of 2, continuation from previous post**

    ‘Waiting upon the Lord’ is the mantra I live every day. In fact there is a talk given in general conference by Elder Hales titled, “Waiting Upon the Lord: Thy Will be Done” that I have read countless times and rely on to strengthen me through difficult days. The entire talk is worthy of study but let me highlight some key points. He asks the question, “Why is it that the Son of God and His holy prophets and all the faithful Saints have trials and tribulations, even when they are trying to do Heavenly Father’s will?” He goes on to answer, “...we realize that the purpose of our life on earth is to grow, develop, and be strengthened through our own experiences. How do we do this?...we “wait upon the Lord.” Elder Hales continues on by acknowledging that trials are given to all of us and that some of the ways to wait upon the Lord are: pondering in our hearts, learning patience, receiving the Holy Ghost, to ‘stand fast’, press forward in faith, have hope, and to rely on the grace of the Savior.
    To put this in my own words, sometimes the Lord removes the trial from us, but sometimes in His wisdom He lets us continue to pass through it knowing that it is the refining process that is needed at that time. To suggest that temptations, trials and chronic illness in particular can (or even should) be avoided by following the Word of Wisdom and letting go of sin is an overly simplistic view of the Savior’s plan for each of His children. All of us should absolutely live the Word of Wisdom and seek to reap the benefits of healthy living and we should seek to live our lives in accordance with the commandments of God but we should also remember that He is the author and finisher of our faith and to submit our whole soul to Him and His will for us individually is important as well. Elder Holland said it better in his book For Time of Trouble, he reminds us to ‘stand still’, stand firm, live the commandments and that God can lift us above our trials if not away from them. He concludes with this powerful witness, “One of my brethren (Elder Hales), a modern Apostle who has faced overwhelming health challenges--staggering challenges against which a lesser man would simply have given up--said in a general conference of the Church: “waiting upon the Lord means to ‘stand fast’...[and to say] ‘Thy will be done, O Lord, and not ours.’ As we wait upon the Lord, we are ‘immovable in keeping the commandments.’” He then concluded with the promise of Isaiah cited earlier--to run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint. For one who may never again run or walk unaided in this life, that is true courage. He is one who is willing to stand still and wait upon the Lord. If God can from time to time tell His prophets to wait, He surely can and will tell us the same thing. On those occasions, the most courageous stand we can take is just that--to stand, to be patient, to be still, to believe that there will be victory even if the victory is not to come now. Be of good courage. The Lord will strengthen thy heart.” So please consider that there are those who wait daily upon the Lord for relief from their suffering and strive to follow His teachings, sometimes relief comes but many times it’s just not that simple.

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