Wednesday, April 25, 2018

First 14 Minutes of Chronic Illness Video

In this video I share my thoughts regarding the seriousness of the chronic illness epidemic that parents, teens, and now even children are facing - and what we can do about it. I share some personal experiences with you along with information regarding where I believe we can find a clear blueprint outlined for us that clears up the confusion about what type of a "diet" we should be following.

I also share a list of resources that I mention in the recording including specific heavy metal detoxing regimens, an herbal detox recipe, articles and interviews about the rather remarkable effects fasting has on our body, and more. 

As always, I hope the information I share with you will be a blessing to you and your family! 


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Note: John and I decided to begin sharing my videos away from the threat of YouTube shutting down my channel and away from toxic, evil people so I can bring you into my home and my life on a more intimate level and so I can share with you personal stories and experiences away from the corrupted environment of YouTube and social media.

There are things I have wanted to share that are far too personal and even sacred that I would *never* share in places like YouTube. I'm so happy to have a safe place, like Patreon, where I can now share these videos with you! Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor - I promise that the information I share with you will be more valuable and important than the cost of a bag of candy!


  1. Wow. This was a really neat video. Thanks for sharing.

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