6c Homeopathic Group Buy

 >>> This group buy has ended. The information below is for information only.  <<<

Note: This is the 2nd part of a 3 part group buy- however, it isn't necessary to have participated in the last group buy to participate in this one. The first kit is available again during this group buy if you missed it.

This group-buy has been put together due to the FDA's recent crackdown on homeopathic remedies. Our mission with this group-buy is to help other family's have the most used, most needed, and highest quality homeopathic remedies at the 6c strength that can be used for emergency, acute and chronic conditions and that can be used to create hundreds more of these remedies - at the lowest price possible.

This second group buy includes the most common and most used first-aid homeopathic remedies to treat issues like bruises, nausea, colds, allergies, stress, motion sickness, food poisoning, heart pain, arthritis pain, insect bites, muscle pain and more. 

This second group-buy will include the following 33 remedies at a 6C dilution - so you can make hundreds more of these remedies from the 6C remedies. (We also have the homeopathic case for sale as part of this group buy.)

1. Allium cepa
2. Antimonium tartaricum
3. Apis mellifica
4. Arnica Montana
5. Arsenicum album
6. Belladonna
7. Bryoria alba
8. Calcarea carbonica
9. Chamomilla
10. Cinchona officinalis
11. Colocynthis
12. Drosera rotundfolia
13. Dulcamara
14. Eupatorium perfoliatum
15. Ferrum phosphoricum
16. Gelsemium sempervirens
17. Hepar sulphuris calcareum
18. Hypericum perforatum
19. Ignatia amara
20. Ipecacuanha
21. Kali bichromicum
22. Lachesis
23. Ledum palustre
24. Magnesia phosphoric
25. Mercurous solubilis
26. Natrum muriaticum
27. Nux vomica
28. Pulsatilla nigricans
29. Rhus toxicodendron
30. Sepia
31. Sillicea
32. Spongier tosta
And Oscillococcinum

Each bottle in this second group buy averages out to be only $6.28! If we were to purchase these Boiron remedies outside of this group buy, it'd average out to be around $7- $8 per bottle. So we're able to save money and know that these are freshly made, high quality remedies seeing as how they'll be coming straight from Boiron.

(Next month's group buy - the last and final group buy for this group-buy series - will include all 12 cell salts, the container, homeopathic Vax remedies for illnesses like measles, smallpox, RSV, tetanus, etc and will also include a hand full of anti-viral homeopathic remedies that homeopathic companies don't offer.)

In order to know how to make more remedies from these 6c remedies, I've put together an online course teaching how to do just that and more regarding making your own homeopathic remedies. This course is on sale for only $29.50, for those who participate in this group buy, when using the code below.

The FAQ below should answer all your questions. Please read the FAQ down below before emailing me with questions!


Homeopathic Set Description: Set of 33 Boiron homeopathic pellets at the 6c strength. Each blue tube contains approx 80 pellets. Each blue tube can make hundreds of more these remedies - enough to be passed down for generations through the family. Expiration date is - decades. 

Homeopathic Book Description: 
Homeopathic book was compiled by a elderly friend. This book is one of my favorite homeopathic resources and is an excellent compilation of information and guides to using homeopathic remedies for all types of health conditions in an easy to use and simplified way.

Homeopathic Online Course: Because many of you need to know how to use and create homeopathic remedies from the 6c beads, I finished creating my homeopathic online course that teaches you how to make more remedies from these remedies plus more information about how to make homeopathic remedies using toxins from our environment or from other herbal remedies and more.

This course is discounted by 50% until next Saturday. However, we're offering an additional 50% off for those participating in this group buy. When using this code, the cost of the course will only be $29.50. Discount ends Feb 17th. Full price will be $120 after that date. The Code is: homeo50off (this code is for the course, not the products)

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  • Once you do that, you will see a shopping cart icon on the right side of your screen. Click on that to check out
  • Double Check your quantities.
  • Click on Checkout when ready. A popup window will open.
  • You don't need a PayPal account to checkout. 
  • To check out using a debit or credit card (without PayPal), just fill out your information and click on "Continue to Shipping Method" at the bottom of the popup window.
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Why those top 23 and 33 remedies?

>>> These are a list of remedies I've collected as I did my own research a couple of years ago regarding which remedies were most commonly used both in my ND's clinic (he took me back to where they make their remedies and told me which ones are most important) and regarding what my favorite homeopathic books recommend AND which remedies are included in homeopathic kits both from Boiron and from Dr. Jones' kit from the Alpine clinic.

The collection of these remedies - from the first group buy - can be used for all types of issues - emotional and physical: acne, anger, ADHD, asthma, inflammation, croup, laryngitis, grief, headaches, nausea, sprains, teething, colds and flus, viral illnesses, styes, allergies, diarrhea, etc. They are safe for infants, the elderly and everyone in between. 

Which remedies are included in this month's 23 remedies?

Aconitum Naples
Ant. Crudum
Argent Nit
Carbo Veg
Chelidonium Major
Coccolus Indicus
Histaminum Hydro
Hydrastis Canadensis
Mercurius Vivus
Rhus Toxicodendron
Ruta Grav
Veraten Album

When can I expect to receive my order?

>>> Boiron says they'll have the remedies shipped to us 1-2 weeks later. We'll ship them out as soon as they come.

How much am I saving by doing this group buy?

>>> The average amount each remedy comes to is $6.90. If you were to purchase these from the health food store or from Amazon, on average each bottle would end up being around $8 to $8.50.

What if we already have some of the remedies? Can we purchase the remedies separately?

>>> We're sorry, purchasing the remedies separately will not be an option. In order to get the group buy prices, we need to order them together.

What's the expiration date on these?

>>> Decades. Even then, you can strengthen it by succussing it. (I show you how in the online course.)

How do I know how or when to use these remedies?

>>> You learn how to use them by watching my online course and/or by reading books about homeopathy.

Why am I not able to select a pick up option?

>>> We're about to move. We won't be offering pick up options until we've settled into our new home.

When will you be doing another group buy like this?

>>> We aren't sure. That depends on what the FDA chooses to do near the end of March and depends on what all we have going on with other projects we're working on. We might never do one again or, if we can, we might do one later this year.

Why did you choose to use Boiron instead of a possibly less expensive homeopathic brand?

My intention with this group buy is to help others have the highest quality homeopathic remedies possible. Passing these down to our children and their children is what this is all about - especially if the FDA does pull these off the shelves. If we're going to be passing these down for generations, we want to have the highest quality remedies possible so that they continue to be as effective as possible.

Which remedies will you be selling next month?

We'll be selling the typical Boiron Homeopathy Kit but at a 6c strength. We will also offer cell salts and the nosodes - but we'll either do those next month or the following month. We're still figuring out the details for that.


  1. You say the March group buy includes the vaccine nosodes. I already purchased those on a previous group buy/special you had. Will I have to buy them again?

    1. No, you won't have to purchase those again. It'll just be an option we're making available to everyone who wants to get those.

    2. I can't get passs the word Checkout. It goes no where.

  2. Can we get more info on the vaccine nosodes?

  3. Here's a link that will give you more information about them: https://healthypreparedness.blogspot.com/p/paypal-safer-easier-way-to-pay-online.html

  4. Will the remedies come in a case to keep them organized?

  5. We need to get the word out so everyone can comment on this policy and maybe get it stopped! Go to www.regulations.gov and search for "Draft Guidance for FDA Staff and Industry Drug Products Labeled as Homeopathic" and you'll see where you can enter a comment.

  6. Can you give me some idea of how you will teach us to take 6c remedies and change them into higher potencies? Will it be time consuming and easy to do? Thanks Judith

    1. Click on the course link and watch the intro video to the course and look through the course chapters to see what all will be included in the course. It's a bit of a learning curve but anyone can do it.

    2. thanks for the info.
      When you say the remedies can bw made stronger, does that mean I can make them as strong as a 200c or 1M?

  7. When I go to the Handout in the course, I get the following message:
    "It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. Please use the link below to download this PDF." However, there is no link below. Suggestions?

    1. I opened it in a different browser and it worked fine. Thanks, John.

  8. Do you send these packages overseas. I live in South Africa.

  9. Thank you, thank you for putting this group buy together!

  10. I keep putting my address in and it says to edit it....I can't because it is my address..so I can't finish and check out. (This is Lon's wife) Marie

  11. I bought the 23 and the book but didn't have enough money for the online course. Since I got the other 2 things will I still be able to get that for the $29. price later?

    1. Oh, maybe it was included in what I paid. Not sure.

    2. It'll be on sale for the $29.50 price (using the discount) until the 17th. It wasn't included in the set. It needs to be sold separately. I hope that helps!

  12. For some reason, the discount code says it isn’t valid. Homeo50off, right? Thank you!

  13. If I buy the online course, is the homeopathic book information and guide necessary or does it repeat most of what you teach in the course? Is it worth having both?

  14. I can't access ordering the course. Do I click on the $59 spot? Then
    after that it asks for a password which I didn't know, and then it says I have the wrong email; what am I doing wrong? Always previously I could order without a password. I already ordered the remedies & book, & am trying to order the course before the deadline.

    1. The courses have their own password. It's not the same one as the website login.

  15. So there's three group buys, and each one offers a course for $29. Is that just a one-time purchase and it covers everything in all three group buys? Or does it need to be purchased with each group buy for, bc it only covers what is in that group buy?
    Does that make sense?

  16. Could you possibly let this 2nd group go until April 14th. I bought the first group and I would really like to have the second group but the money we get this Friday is already gone on bills. I also hope that you will offer the courses later for the special price of we bought the groups because there's no way that I can put that much money together all all once.

  17. I purchased the homeopathy medicine course and put in the coupon code, but it didn't apply it to the purchase. I didn't catch it thought until after I had already paid. Help!

  18. I don't know if you check these comments but I'm going to try. I got the 1st set and wanted the 2nd set. I'm wondering why the 1st set was extended but the 2nd wasn't. Will I be able to get them in the next couple of months at the regular price?

  19. I'm not able to purchase the container or the book just yet, but want to in the the future. Will those still be available to purchase in a month or two?

  20. It is still Saturday and I attempted to order the group buy and the book, but cannot seem to get the checkout button to work. Please contact me - lbar2365@gmail.com. BTW, the course is great! You really know your stuff!