Wednesday, April 25, 2018

First 14 Minutes of Chronic Illness Video

In this video I share my thoughts regarding the seriousness of the chronic illness epidemic that parents, teens, and now even children are facing - and what we can do about it. I share some personal experiences with you along with information regarding where I believe we can find a clear blueprint outlined for us that clears up the confusion about what type of a "diet" we should be following.

I also share a list of resources that I mention in the recording including specific heavy metal detoxing regimens, an herbal detox recipe, articles and interviews about the rather remarkable effects fasting has on our body, and more. 

As always, I hope the information I share with you will be a blessing to you and your family! 


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Note: John and I decided to begin sharing my videos away from the threat of YouTube shutting down my channel and away from toxic, evil people so I can bring you into my home and my life on a more intimate level and so I can share with you personal stories and experiences away from the corrupted environment of YouTube and social media.

There are things I have wanted to share that are far too personal and even sacred that I would *never* share in places like YouTube. I'm so happy to have a safe place, like Patreon, where I can now share these videos with you! Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor - I promise that the information I share with you will be more valuable and important than the cost of a bag of candy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Farm Chores" of Our Day for Our Health

There are a four specific things we do, as consistently as possible, to protect our family's health and to help keep us healthy. I consider these measures to be comparable to farm chores. Farm chores used to be essential to people's survival - in order to have food and sell or trade their goods. Without their farm, they'd suffer or die. 

Because of all we're up against (involving purposeful attacks by conspiring men to break down our health and including the consequences that come from living in a polluted world filled with nutrient-deplete foods, where genetic mutations are growing in number, and where our lives are filled with more stress than ever before), we need to make a purposeful effort to protect our body and to keep it healthy.There's no going around it. And the issues that stem from ignoring this - like frequent acute illnesses and deeply embedded chronic illnesses are only going to get worse in our lifetime and will especially get worse from one generation to the next unless we do something about it.

We need to be as physically strong as possible for times to come!

The four "farm chores" we've incorporated into our own family life include:

1. Daily Detox Tea
2. Healthy Digestive System (consistent effort)
3. Essential Supplements - D3, Iodine, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin, Liquid Minerals
4. Chem Trail / Pollution Protection (by continually detoxing the body through a simple detox tea and by making a chem trail homeopathic remedy every 1-2 weeks from particles in the air)

Two extras would be: Growing our own produce & getting back to what I call the "Bible Diet" or "Genesis Diet".

Here are some resources for purchasing the supplements, learning about gut health, and where to purchase clay for detoxing purposes. (I have an instructional video about creating the chem trail remedy on the Patreon page where I show how to make both the original remedy and a short cut method to it..) 
Detoxing Links:

Digestive Health Videos:
Nutritional Supplement Links:

I've created a video about these "farm chores" on my Patreon page - in this video I also go over the topic of the importance of growing a garden, how to make the chem trail remedy, and how to make the detox tea.

(We made the decision to stop posting videos on YouTube for several reasons. Now that I have a safe place to post my videos, away from the threat of YouTube shutting down my channel, I'll be sharing more videos than ever before.)

As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family,


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Grain Bowls!

I used to love cooking. As a teen, part of my responsibilities while working at a retirement home, was to cook food for all the residents. I loved making the dishes beautiful, tasty and satisfying! I loved seeing the residents revel in the delicious meals and sit back satisfied after their meal experience.

That love for cooking came with me when I got married and as I had children. However, after suffering with Lyme for so long and trying every type of diet under the sun to try and heal my body and help me feel whole again, coupled with having 4 picky children, being on a tight budget, trying to cook healthy for my family and then making a second meal for myself (outside of what I made for my family) that was free of dairy, gluten, corn, soy or sugar - and doing this for YEARS ...

I may have developed a bit of PTSD from all of that and my love for cooking completely left me. That desire and passion for cooking hadn't returned even years after overcoming my health issues and having mealtime be less stressful. As I make meals I still try to keep in mind what my kids will and won't eat and if it's packed in nutrients but the love for cooking hasn't been a part of the meal prep for years!

Until now...

After coming across a random book search, I came across something called "grain bowls". So I printed off some recipes (which I'll share down below - they're wonderful!), and purchased a few books, two of which are my favorite so far - my passion and love for cooking, nutritionally rich food, textures, colors, and, most importantly, flavors! - has returned!

I LOVE the Word of Wisdom or, what I call, the "Bible Diet". (I have a video I'll share with everyone about that soon.) And these grain bowls work very well for those wanting to follow those guidelines.

The "foundation" of these meals are grains (and sometimes beans) - whatever grains you'd like! I like to use brown rice, quinoa or millet. I like to use 2-3 different grains, separated as the foundation and then pile other great food on top!

There are NO rules for how this needs to be done. The options are endless! AND it works SO well for pulling together leftovers! Have some red peppers? Bake them in the oven, sprinkle on a bit of salt and add it to the bowl! Have some brussel sprouts that need to be used? Coat them in maple syrup and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and add that to the dish!

I always like to add a bit of fermented food as part of the grain bowl. Did you know that Costco now sells RAW sauerkraut? (We need to get back into making our own but it's so nice to be able to buy some if you haven't made some recently).

I hope you've liked this post! And I hope you consider giving grain bowls a try!


Here are the recipes I have LOVED pulling ideas from:

Friday, January 5, 2018

Spine Alignment Class with Dr. Adamson

Spine Alignment Class Info

Dr. Hurley is coming to Lehi, Utah January 19th & 20th to teach his spine alignment class. There's only 13 days left to register before the class and before we're no longer offering the recording through us. 

Dr. Adamson teaches a technique called the Hurley Technique - it's a gentle, pain-free, and non-invasive approach to adjusting the spine. Dr. Hurley has told me that if he could only take one healing technique with him when he dies, out of all the healing techniques he knows, it'd be the Hurley Technique. 
Dr. Adamson was the EMS director for Drone county for over 20 years. During this time he blew his back out and it left him in debilitating pain for 4 years. He had someone do the Hurley Technique on his back and it gave him relief for 4-5 days. He was impressed with the results and decided to be trained to do the Hurley Technique through a massage school in Utah and is now completely back pain free. Dr. Adamson has since then become a licensed acupuncturist, a myotherapist, and a naturopathic health expert. He is the owner of Intermountain College of Natural and Holistic Health & Wellness Center in Twin Falls Idaho.

The Hurley Technique releases muscle tension, eases joint pain, improves posture and circulation, and helps the body realign itself through proper placement of the skeletal system. It is achieved by adjusting the position of the sacrum to the field of gravity.

This skill is something I'm so excited to learn and use within my own home and I hope you love having this new skill that you can use to bless and benefit you and your family members as well! Every health-conscious family should know the skill and have the ability to adjust their family members spines as they grow or have an accident or run into joint problems. 
 To register to attend the class IN-PERSON call Dr. Adamson's office at: 208-735-1166. 
In-Person Class is Jan 19th & 20th from 9am to 5pm each day in Lehi, Utah. Cost is $275 for the in-person training which includes the two day in-person training, a digital file for the book to go with the class and a discount for the DVD set containing the new recording of the class.
To register for the RECORDING of the class taking place on the 19th & 20th,  purchase the recording at this link.
The recording of the class will include the digital file for Dr. Adamson's book that goes along with the class and the set of DVD's that covers the 11+ hours of instruction given during this two-day class to thoroughly learn this technique. Cost is only $175 for the recording. 
(Note: This link will only be available until Jan 19th. The recording will need to be purchased directly from Dr. Adamson after that time. The recording will be sent to you / available for pick up 3-4 weeks AFTER the class has occurred to give us time to edit, export, upload and burn and print the DVD's. We'll be in touch updating you on the progress of the DVD's after the class.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Black Friday

I'm excited to announce our FIRST EVER Black Friday sale!

EVERY product in our store is on sale from Nov. 22nd thru Nov. 25th - some of which are at THE lowest prices we've EVER offered - even the Red Plague Remedy! 

The HypoRedox is only $15 per gallon - this is the lowest price we've ever sold it for! The car jump starter batteries that regularly sell for $60 are only $25! Once they're gone, they're gone! They're a perfect gift for a loved one so they can jump start their own car without using jumper cables. Our Silver Generator is also on sale - this is the first time it's been on sale outside of a group buy! 


Check out all of these great sales down below and remember, if you're local or are passing through, you can choose to pick up your order from our home in Utah County to save yourself the cost of shipping. :) 

Have fun shopping and let me know if you have any questions! 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Master Tonic Recipe (aka "Fire Cider")

Has everyone made their Master Tonic (aka "Fire Cider") yet for this fall and winter season? I made 4 quarts in only 15 minutes! This remedy is amazing at kicking out flu's, colds, sinus infections, and more. You can take it to help PREVENT illnesses from hitting or take it for an ACTIVE illness.
There is NO solid recipe to this tonic. You can add as much or as little of each of the ingredients as you want. Just make sure that approximately 3/4 of the remedy is the medicinally powerful produce and the rest is the raw apple cider vinegar - and that's it!

Here are the basic ingredients:
🔹1/2 onion
🔹1 head of garlic (I like to use half)
🔹1/4 bunch of parsley
🔹1/4 cup fresh turmeric (if you can find some or use some turmeric powder)
🔹1 cup (or more) of fresh ginger
🔹1 cup (or more) of fresh horseradish
generous pinch of cayenne powder
🔹1/2 cup raw honey
Chop the produce up some. (I didn't peel my garlic.) Place in blender. Add ACV. Blend until everything is in small chunks. Place in 2 quart jar - fill up rest of way with ACV. Place in fridge - will last for 6 months to one year.

Preventative: Use 1 Tbsp. every day (straight or mixed into water).
During Illness: Use 1 Tbsp every 1-2 hours (straight or mixed into water).
As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Signs of Times + Food Storage Information Sheet

"Record setting wildfire strikes CA"
"Record breaking hurricane strikes FL"
"Record breaking rains in TX"
"Record breaking earthquakes in ID"
"Record breaking fires in AK"
"Record breaking heat waves in 2017"
Rare meteor showers, solar eclipses,
and rare complex astronomical alignment.


I think it's safe to say that the Lord has our attention. As I have spent the last few years teaching others how to have a nutrient-rich food storage and a well-stocked remedy supply - I have always done my best to not use scare tactics or to focus on the negative and I will continue to teach others in the same way.

I don't share the above image and list to instill fear - I share it so we will open our eyes and be aware of these circumstances (and others) that are going on in the world today. We are told in the scriptures to watch for signs of the Lord's coming and although we can't prove that these are definitely signs of His coming - I sure think they could be! Especially when we include other political upheavals, generational health issues, inconceivable crimes, confusion, and conspiring organizations in today's world

Having food, basic supplies and remedies stored away is something we should all work on in a steady and balanced way. For now, I'd like to share with you an information sheet I put together to help simplify food items we should work on storing in our food storage. I have purposefully kept this list (and other details to go with it) nice and simple. Sometimes it seems that lists like these get FAR too complex. It doesn't need to be that way at all.
Grains and other food storage foods can be purchased from Winco, Coscto, Azure Standard, Dave's Farms, Alpine Food Storage (in Utah) and other wonderful places that sell food storage food.

I hope this information is a blessing to you and your family,