Wednesday, February 22, 2023

NEW! Pure, Pharmaceutical B12 (for Injections)

I'm excited to offer this new group buy to you all. This group buy will allow everyone to buy as much injectable B12 as one needs, prescription-free, so you can address your B12 absorption issues and be able to deliver high-quality B12 to your cells and tissues.

The injectible, methyl B12 being offered in this group buy is a pure, pharmaceutical-grade methylcobalamin B12. This is the best form of B12, native to the body, and it’s what we recommend to all people with absorption issues – especially those with neuropathy, pernicious anemia or who have symptoms of having a B12 deficiency. 

This product is not coming from China. It's coming from a high-quality bio-sciences lab in England. I did a lot of research into this product before deciding to try it out for myself and for my kids over a year ago and now, after loving the product (and the results), I've decided to share this product with everyone - in a way where everyone will be receiving one of the highest quality methyl B12 injectible remedies at one of the lowest prices possible anywhere on the internet.

Here are thorough details I put together about the product being offered in this group buy. Please take the time to read through this info sheet to help answer questions you may have about this product/group buy. 

We have personally used these B12 injections and have felt the benefits of doing consistent B12 injections from this high-quality product ... enough to want to share this with others.

Each bottle is enough for 33 doses. When in powder form, it will last 2+ years and it will last for up to one year once the saline solution has been added to the powder. It usually costs around $30 to $50 to receive one B12 shot in a clinic but with one, 20ml, pharmacy-grade B12 vial, each injection will only cost around $2.80.

Note: We need at least 50 people to participate in this group buy to make it happen. Please help spread the word about this unique group buy so we can move forward with bringing this affordable (and possibly life-changing) remedy to more homes.  

Here's the interest form:

Group buy prices will be:

Again, here's where to sign the interest form (please share it with others to help make this group buy possible). 

And here's where to read the info I put together about this product. 

>> The last day to fill out the interest form is on Wednesday, February 22nd. <<

I'll be in touch, 



Tuesday, January 10, 2023

2023 Silver Generator Group Buy


 The interest form for the 2020 group-buy for our Ionic Silver Generator is now up! Please fill out the form by January 31st, 2023.

Purchasing the silver generator through this group buy gives you the chance to purchase this generator at THE LOWEST price possible. We try to squeeze one of these in at least once a year to help everyone purchase this silver generator at the best price possible. The more people we have sign up and purchase the generator through the group-buy, the lower the price will be for everyone so feel free to share this group buy with others!

We try to squeeze one of these in at least once a year to help everyone purchase this silver generator at the best price possible. Please fill out this form if you're interested in this group-buy.
We LOVE having our silver generator and we know you will love having one too!
Specs for this generator include:
  • Creates ionic-nano silver solution found by two different Universities to be molecularly comparable to other popular, name-brand nano silver's sold in Utah.
  • Makes 1/2 gallon in 30-40 minutes!
  • It is the only "disaster-proof" silver generator on the market that can run off of either a regular electrical outlet OR a solar battery that makes up to 30 batches on a full charge.
  • It comes with an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO AND BOOKLET to help you know how to use and take care of your machine.
  • Makes anywhere from 1 ppm to 12 ppm - depending on how strong you'd like to make the solution. (Scientific studies have found that 5-10ppm is the most effective at protecting the cells from viral invaders).
  • The silver plate will never "run out" or need to be replaced.
  • We assemble these ourselves and because of this, we're able to offer the generator at the lowest prices out of any nano ionic silver generator on the market - especially at the group-buy price.
Ways people use their silver solution include:
  • Eye infections
  • Ear infections
  • Cleaning wounds
  • Sore throats / throat infections
  • Wound disinfectant
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Immune system support
  • Sunburns
  • Bug bites
  • Sinus infections (via nebulizer or sinus rinse bottle)
  • And more!

Friday, October 7, 2022

Upcoming Local Pick-Ups - October 21st & 22nd

We are doing local pick-ups in a variety of cities throughout Utah and into Idaho. If you'd like to save on shipping (especially on heavier products like the HypoRedox or gallon of Nano Silver) and get our products at a bit of a discount, this is a great way to order some of our products. 

Please fill out this form and we'll email you an invoice for the products you choose to pick up, which will need to be paid before picking up your items. 

Note: My friend Terri is doing pick-ups for Eagle Mountain, Washington UT, and Orem Utah - If you'd like to pick up from one of these locations, you can view her info at this link: Facebook page (Grandma's Holistic Home) 

Here are the selected cities and dates for pick-ups:

October 15:

Riverton, UT - Oct. 15th @ 11am
American Fork, UT - Oct. 15th @ 1pm
Heber City, UT - Oct. 15th @ 5pm

October 22nd:

Ogden, UT - Oct. 22nd @ 11am
Logan, UT - Oct. 22nd @ 2pm
Pocatello, ID - Oct 22nd @ 5pm


Here are the following items you can choose from for the pick-up: (You can view detailed info about each of these products from our store page.)

NEW Products:

NEW Face Serum - $28

NEW Headache Roll-On - $16

NEW Headache Set - $26

NEW Flu & Viral Homeopathic Preventative- $16

NEW Salve - $10

NEW Nebulizer Remedy Set - $32

Popular Products:

HypoRedox - $32

Gallon Nano Silver - $45

18 oz Nano Silver - $18

Nebulizer - $92

Nebulizer & Remedies Kit - $120

Nebulizer Head only - $40

Medicinal Plants Seeds & Book - $55

Silver Generator - $220

First Aid & Illness Kit - $115

(The First Aid & Illness kit isn't currently up on our store page. Here's another image to show what comes in this wonderful kit:)

Remedies & Formulas:

Mix & Match Herbal Set - 2 0z. - $112
Mix & Match Herbal Set - 4 0z. - $192

Aggressive Virus Formula - $32

Anti-Viral & Flu Herbal Tincture - $16

Anti-Viral & Flu plus Whooping Cough homeopathic and herbal sets - $45

Anxiety-Calm Set - $38

Receding Gums Formula - $20

Topical Nerve/Joint Pain Formula - $18

Adrenal & Thyroid Herbal Formula - $20

Lyme Protocol - $360

Red Plague Remedy - $40

5000mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil - $68

All Books:

Beyond Wheat and Weeds - Black and White version - $32

Beyond Wheat and Weeds - Full Color - $50

First Aid and Illness Book - $26

Food Storage Powerhouse - $26

Medicinal Seeds & Herbs for Disasters - $26

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

New! Mix & Match Herbal Formulas!

 I'm excited to let everyone know that our Mix & Match Herbal Formulas Set is now available! We have a 4 oz. and 2 oz. option available on our store page. (See the video I put together for this set down below.)

With the sale price - this brings each of the 4 oz bottles down to only around $13 per 4 oz bottle! (Regular prices for herbal tinctures of this quality and size is $40 per bottle.)

This set contains 16, double-tinctured, catalyst-infused, specially-formulated herbal formulas that have been created to be easy to choose (and mix and match) for an array of illnesses or ailments that may come your way. 

Our limited supply will be on sale until September 23rd.

I purposefully chose both common and rare or hard-to-find herbs because of their known efficacy. Herbs such as Gynostemma, Isatis, Lomatium, Tulsi, or Houttuynia (and many others) have been used to create a combination of herbs that can be safely and effectively used for an array of health issues. 

Each set contains the following:

Medicinal Formulas: Bacteria, Cough, Fungal, Internal Healing, Parasites, and Viral
Supportive Formulas: Calm, Detox, Energy, Fever, Immun Booster, Lymph, Nutrients, and Pain and Inflammation
Two Extra: Topical Pain & Inflammation and Tasty Booster

Here's a video I put together to help introduce you to this wonderful on this link or click on the image below to view the video.

I hope this set comes at a good time for you! And I hope you love having this set as an added easy-to-use and effective option in addition to your other home remedies.


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

NEW!! Mix & Match Herbal Formulas Set!

 We have a new "Mix & Match" herbal remedies set we are getting ready to steep. This special set is unlike anything I've seen out there and is something I'm excited to have in my home and I'm excited for others to have in their home. (Details about this set can be found below the image.)

We will have a limited number available of these sets. If you're interested in this set - please fill out this form. (Filling out this form helps us know how many sets to make and it helps reduce the price for everyone if we have enough people interested in this once-a-year set. )

The BEST way to address an issue in the body as effectively as possible is to come in at a VARIETY of angles. By having a set of choice herbal formulas, such as those found in this set, it makes the multi-angle approach possible. (See below for examples on how to you can use these remedies for specific ailments.)

This set includes 16:

FAMILY-sized (4 oz.)
CONCENTRATED herbal extracts.

These formulas are herbal staples for any natural-medicines cabinet. This set was created to provide others with the most commonly needed herbal formulas that can be "mixed and matched" based on one's symptoms or issues. 

We will offer this set once a year. These sets will be available for purchase in 3-4 weeks.

If we have more than 75 people interested in these sets, the price will be brought down to $14 per bottle = $224 for the entire set. (Regular price for 4 oz. herbal tinctures with this kind of quality are usually around $38 - $40 per bottle - that would make a set like this normally be around over $600!!) 

Please share the following form (or this email) with others to help make this set, at this price, possible for everyone:

A big THANKS to those of you who help spread the word about our yearly sets/products! This helps us continue offering sets like this every year.

Affiliate links and other incentives are also available to those of you who have a following you can share this set with. (See the last question on the form.)


This herbal set contains special combinations of herbs for each of the following categories and issues:

--- Bacterial
--- Cough
--- Fungal
--- Internal Healing
--- Parasites
--- Viral

--- Calm
--- Detox
--- Energy
--- Fever
--- Immune Booster
--- Lymph
--- Nutrients
--- Pain & Inflammation

--- Tasty Booster 
--- Topical Pain & Inflammation Spray


Some EXAMPLES of using these special formulas would be:

(Note: There is no right or wrong way to use these formulas. The formulas you choose to use are up to you, based on your set of symptoms.)

VIRAL INFECTION: You can use Viral, Lymph, Immune Booster, and Nutrients to fully support the body. If needed, you can also use Pain and Inflammation, Fever, and/or Energy if the person needs that additional boost. 

PARASITIC INFECTION: You can use Parasites, Detox, and Lymph to help support the body. You can also use Immune Booster to help boost the immune system during the cleanse. And you can also consider using Internal Healing to help heal the gut after doing a detox. 

MONTHLY CLEANSE: You can either use Parasites, Bacteria, Viral, then Fungal 3 x day for one week at a time each - or use them all at once, a few times a day, for a full week. Using Detox during any cleanse is always helpful. And you can also use Lymph and/or Immune Booster as you do the cleanse. 

BODY ACHES and PAINS: You can use Pain & Inflammation, Nutrients, and Calm. If wanted, you can also consider using Internal Healing along with those. And you can use Topical Pain & Inflammation for any areas of the body (such as sore or painful joints, nerve pain, or muscle pain), topically, as needed. 

COUGH: You can use Cough, Immune Booster, and Lymph. You can also use Viral or Bacterial (or both) and Nutrients for added efficacy. 

END-OF-THE-DAY ENERGY LAG: You can use Energy and Nutrients.

***Tasty Booster can be used anytime you take the remedies. It makes the formula more palatable and gives the remedies you're taking an added mineral-based boost ... in addition to the already fabulous blends of herbs in each formula AND the catalyst added to each formula that acts as a stimulant to boost the effectiveness of the other herbs. :)


Please fill out this form if you're interested in purchasing this Mix & Match Herbal Remedies Set. 

I'm excited to see how many of you might be interested in this new set. I've put a lot of effort into creating the best formulas possible so these remedies will be as effective as possible for you and your family. 

I'll be in touch, 


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

NEW Detox & Protection Sets!

 Weekly D&P Sets 

I think that these sets are kind of a big deal - here's why...

I recently developed two homeopathic remedy sets that are to be used once a week to help with the supportive effects of protecting the body and/or helping with the temporary relief of symptoms associated with the exposure of unwanted substances that are found in our environment... toxins, frequencies, and viruses that wreak havoc with our bodies. 

I haven’t felt this strongly about a remedy set in a long time. This is an important one! Here’s how it came together…

The Story...

I was having one of those sleepless nights – thinking about everything from dogs to natural remedies when I had a thought. I thought of Influenzinum and how it’s an amazing preventative remedy that is taken during the flu season. I reflected back on my ND telling me that all the doctors and employees in their office take Influenzinum once a week and none of them have gotten the flu. I love how effective this remedy is and it’s something I really appreciate having for my family. (Living in today’s world … it’s all about knowing about the simple things we can do to protect and improve our health.)

Then I thought, “There's a hand full of other health threats that also ought to be approached with the same kind of weekly preventative measures. Why haven’t I seen that before?” My mind began to work full speed and I sat down and created a homeopathic detox and protection set that I felt very good about. Our family has started taking the sets once a week as a regular preventative measure for all those common … and even weird … and even scary… health threats that are ALWAYS around us in today’s world.

After I finished finalizing the details to this set, I was so excited about it. How haven’t I thought of this before? This should have always existed! Then I realized that with how strongly I felt about this protective and preventative set, some of you might be just as enthusiastic about it as well. So I decided to replicate it and make it available to everyone.

Some More About this Set...

The nice thing about this set is that it’s all homeopathic – an energy-based medicine and remedy that is said to work with the body’s vital life force to help with the temporary relief of the symptoms associated with the exposure to specific toxins or pathogens or to help boost the body’s system. Homeopathic remedies are completely safe for everyone – from babies to the elderly and can be used along with any prescription medication.

Toxins can be found everywhere – in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the cleaning solutions we use, the make-up and lotions we apply, the cars we drive in, the factories we live close to, the viruses we’re exposed to, and the medicines we take. They’re everywhere! And if you ask me – this isn’t natural. It isn’t the way we were supposed to (or should) live. It’s too much for our precious body’s to handle and the health results show that this is the case.

As excited as I have been to have this for my family, I hope you are excited about it too. And I hope it helps boost your body’s ability to detox the garbage we’re continually being exposed to. Our bodies are amazing at detoxing and digesting and living … until they become too bogged down. I think it’s great to love our bodies in a way where we give it a little boost and alleviate some of the work it has to do with all it’s up against in today’s world.

This set also comes with an information sheet about what other things you can do, outside of taking these remedies, that will help keep your body on the right track and be better able to combat and shed and detox all of the electric fields and charges, energies, chemicals, pollutions, metals, and one of the most debilitating virus out there (EBV). View the information sheets at these links so you can read through them and see what all these sets are meant to help the body deal with or kick out. There's a good amount of info in each of these information sheets:

This world is an interesting one to be living in right now but at least we have options that will help protect and rebuild our bodies in the midst of it all.

I'll be in touch, 


Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Seek medical care if you think you have a health condition that needs medical attention. We do not guarantee, nor do we claim, that this formula will be effective against any certain virus, illness, or condition. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

First Aid and Illness Kits are Back! (Limited Supply!)

 We now have a limited quantity of our (new and improved!) Summer First Aid and Illness kits available! We skipped making these available last year because of how crazy things were with COVID but we're so excited to offer these valuable kits once again this year! 

I developed this kit after attending a class my son went to where a nurse explained how to use the items in a first aid kit. I realized how sorely limited basic first aid kits are ... what about issues like viral illnesses? sore throats? rashes? burns? shock? strains and sprains? infections of all types? diarrhea? and so many other very basic issues that come along when we're out at the beach or away camping or when we're at home needing a quick fix for some of these basic health issues that occur simply because we're human? 

This kit is PACKED with essentials. We keep this same kit in our cars and take it with us when we travel. Here's what's in it:

Click on the image above or on this link to take you to our store page. 

We have 100 of these kits available - once they're gone - they're gone! We may consider doing another group of 100 but only if there's enough interest for it. 

I hope you love having these kits as much as we do!