Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nebulizer - Important Life-Saving Tool

Respiratory illnesses are one of the leading causes of death during a disaster. This makes having a nebulizer a must-have! Nebulizer's allow medicine to enter into the lungs via microscopic bubbles that not only treat any infection within the lungs but it also gets the medicine into the body on a systemic level.

So not only do nebulizer's help treat respiratory illnesses - they are a valuable substitute to getting medicines into the body via an IV. Imagine having someone who can't hold down fluids - they throw up every medicine you try to give them and there isn't any medical help available. What can we do?

I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd give them an retention enema to restore much needed electrolytes and fluids into their system and I'd have them use the nebulizer to get medicine into their body - on a systemic level.

Medicines that can be used in a nebulizer are mentioned in the video and can be found in my book, Beyond Wheat and Weeds.
There's a lot of info to go over regarding how to use these remedies in a nebulizer. All of this info can be found in my book: Beyond Wheat and Weeds. For now, here's some basic information regarding using a nebulizer:

Here's our latest video where I talk about all the different nebulizer's we tried out and which one we finally found that met our standards!

I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family,



  1. Hi Claudia! I attended one of your classes a few weeks ago and you mentioned a new nebulizer that you liked because it didn't auto shut off. Can you remind me which brand it is? Thanks so much for all your valuable information!

  2. I just clicked on the link above for the nebulizer on the Clinical Guard website, and that link doesn't work... Can you point us in the right direction? Thank you!

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  5. Thank you Claudia for sharing the useful information and comparing the different nebulizers. I for one found omron nebulizers to meet my requirements for treating respiratory problems.

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  7. Hi Claudia I was wondering if you can tell me what concentrations of magnesium chloride and glutathione you use in your nebulizer and what forms and from where can I buy it. I have a bag of the Ancienr Minerals brand of magnesium chloride but it’s in flakes and I don’t know how to prepare and mix it in the right concentration for inhalation. Thanks. Scott Petrie, Toronto Canada. And could you also reply to me by email as it might easier to attach any information and links. Thanks again Claudia.

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