Tuesday, July 21, 2015

RPR Remedy Now Available

$20 for set of 2 (it's a 2 part remedy)
1, 2 oz  bottle + 1, 4 oz bottle

The Red Plague Remedy has SOLD OUT.

The first small batch I made didn't have enough for the amount of interest expressed in getting one or more of these sets - because of this I have tripled the size of the batch that will be available next month. I'll let everyone know through Facebook and email when that batch is ready.

If you'd like to order next month - please fill out this form so I can email you letting you know when next month's batch is done. I will email you before I make the availability of the next batch public so you can purchase it before it sells out again.  

Here's the link to purchase the remedy. There is a limit of purchasing only up to 3 sets. If you purchase more than 3 sets - I will refund you your money and ask that you please make the purchase again, only getting up to 3 sets.

Although I felt a sense of urgency as this recipe was given to me - I do feel that there will be enough time to share enough of this remedy with those who are interested in having some.

A FAQ section can be found below. Please read through the FAQ to help answer any questions you may have.

At these current sizes, one set will last for approximately 4 days per person. Ideally, it would be best to have enough to last for 2 weeks per person. The next batch I'm making will have double the size of the bottles which will provide enough remedy to see one person through the entire illness. I will do my best to keep the cost of these remedies as low as possible. 


1. Does the $20 cover both of the bottles or just one of the bottles?

It covers both of the bottles. 

2. How do I take the remedies?

Dosing instructions on how to take the remedies are on the label on the bottles. Dosages are as follows:

Tincture #1: 
Adult - 45 drops every 2 hours, during active infection. Take less as infection gets better.
Children - 30 drops every 2 hours, during active infection. Take less as infection gets better. 

Tincture #2:
Adult - 50 drops every hour, during active infection. Take less as infection gets better.
Children - 30 drops every hour, during active infection. Take less as infection gets better.

3. What ingredients are in the tinctures?

Tincture #1 contains: food grade alcohol, olive leaf, chamomile, red rooibos, pau d'arco, agrimony, milk thistle, and burdock root. 

Tincture #2 contains: food grade alcohol, yarrow, and cayenne.

4. Will the tincture #2 be too hot for children to take?

Although there is some heat with the tincture #2 remedy - it is fairly mild and, to me, is "just right" once it comes to not being too hot for a child to take. 

5. How do I know when I should take this remedy?

I was only told that the illness will start out as the flu but will quickly get much worse. After studying the benefits of the herbs within this remedy set I realized that the following issues will be the main symptoms that will go along with this particular illness:

  • Digestive Upset & Cramping
  • Bleeding
  • Heavy Pathogenic Load
  • Attack on Immune System
6. When will you have more RPR?

I will be making more every month. The next batch will be available on August 26th. 

7. Is there tax or shipping fees?

Yes, there is tax - I'm set up as a business and therefore will need to charge Utah sales tax. And yes, there is a small shipping fee of $6.50 per order to help cover the cost of the box, the bubble wrap, and shipping cost. 

8. Why is there a limit of purchasing 3 sets?

I started out with making a smaller batch and don't have enough for everyone to get as much as they'd like. Because of this, I've tripled the batch for next month and will continue making the remedies in large batches to hopefully accommodate those who would like to have some for each member of their family, and, therefore, am limiting how many people can get with this first batch so others who would like to get some can have some as well. 

9. I purchased this set from you at the TTIN Expo in Ogden but I only got 2, 2 oz bottles instead of one 2 oz bottle and one 4 oz bottle at the same price you have it listed for now - why is that?

I have gone back and forth on trying to figure out what sizes I'd be selling this first smaller batch in and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do at that point. Please send me an email letting me know that you purchased the set from me at the expo. 

Please include your name, how many bottles you purchased and your shipping address. I will send you extra of the yarrow tincture for free after putting together August's batch. My goal is to make sure everyone has what they will truly need when using this remedy - I'm happy to make sure you have what you may need. 

Please email me at: healthypreparedness(at)gmail(dot)com. 

10. Do you think this is THE only remedy that will work for this plague?

No, I don't. I don't believe Heavenly Father works that way. Answers are always there - and can come in the most unforeseen ways. Do I believe that this might be ONE answer to this particular illness that might be coming? Yes. 


  1. Any chance you'd share your recipe? Some of us already make our own tinctures and could probably make it ourselves.... Just wondering

    1. Not yet, but I do believe that I will in the future. It'll be a matter of prayer and listening to when the time is right for that.

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  3. What's the shelf life on the remedy?

    1. It'll last forever - it's a tincture where the medicine from the herbs is being preserved in a alcohol base.

  4. Also - side note - I'm so grateful for all that you're doing. Such a blessing to so many. Thank you for your prayers, tears, hard work, and desire to stay close to the Savior. Bless you, my friend.

    1. Thank you so much Marzee - I really appreciate your kind words.

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