Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nebulizer Found! (And Nebulizer Review)

It's taken me nearly a year to find the right nebulizer - buying and using several nebulizer's during that time frame to find a nebulizer I'd feel confident recommending to others. I've recommended two others in the past but they either A) couldn't use nano silver or B) the supplier ran out of them and might not continue supplying them.

I'm excited to say that we've finally found a nebulizer we feel confident about recommending to others and know it will be perfect for a disaster situation. It contains the right particle sizes (to enter the deeper parts of the lungs), it emits the mist at the correct speed, it's high quality, is at a good price, and it runs off off either batteries or electricity. It's exactly what we've been looking for!

Here's the video where I review all the nebulizer's I've used in the past, talk about what qualities I'm looking for, and share which one we (my husband and I) have finally found and are happy to recommend to others:

We keep a nebulizer on hand for the following reasons:
  • to use to effectively treat respiratory illnesses
  • to use to treat sinus infections
  • to use to get medicines into the body on a systemic level - if medicines can't be kept down orally
  • to use in addition to oral medicines to have a stronger affect in body
(See Beyond Wheat and Weeds to know how to use the nebulizer.)

Here's the video I made a while ago about why having a nebulizer is one of the most important tools we can have during a disaster. 

I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family,



  1. hello claudia
    i live in Australia, would the power adapter be suitable for Australian power outlets at all?

    thank you

    cheers lyn

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  5. I thought you said that you wouldn't run out but it's sold out ...
    Also, that video was 2015...since then, Omron has made a U22 and U100. Would you please compare those with the OLV portable battery operated model. (Also, I heard you mention in the video that you could also plug it in???)
    Thank you.