Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2017 Silver Generator Group Buy

Once again, we are offering our silver generator at a discounted price by doing a group buy. The more that sign up, the lower the price will be!

Specs for this generator include:

  • Creates ionic-nano silver solution found by two different Universities to be molecularly comparable to other popular, name-brand nano silver's sold in Utah. 
  • Makes 1/2 gallon in 30-40 minutes!
  • Is the only "disaster-proof" silver generator on the market that can run off of either a regular electrical outlet OR a solar battery that makes up to 30 batches on a full charge.
  • Comes with an instructional video and booklet to help you know how to use and take care of your machine.
  • Makes anywhere from 1ppm to 10+ppm - depending on how strong you'd like to make the solution. (Scientific studies have found that 5-10 ppm is the most effective at protecting the cells from viral invaders).
  • The silver plate will never "run out" or need to be replaced. 
  • We assemble these ourselves and because of this, we're able to offer the generator at the lowest prices out of any nano-ionic silver generator on the market - especially at the group-buy price.

Ways people use their silver solution include: 
  • Eye infections
  • Ear infections
  • Sore throats
  • Wound disinfectant
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Immune system support
  • Sinus infections (via nebulizer or sinus rinse bottle)
  • and more.
Price breakdown will be: 

20-29 generators - $185 each
30-39 generators - $175 each
40+ generators - $165 each
(regular price is $195)

Please share this page with others! The more that order, the lower we are able to offer the generator to everyone signed up for the group-buy.

(Pick-up option available in Utah County - shipping will be around $14)

Fill out the form by the 25th of February. Payment will need to be made a few days after we send you the final email (on the 1st of March). We will ship out all silver generator's / have them ready for pick-up 2-4 weeks after your payment has been made.


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