Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Group Buy! Heavy Metals & Chemicals Detox Remedies + West Nile and Travel Immunizations Nosodes

-This group buy has ended-

This is a new group buy I've put together for homeopathic remedies that detox the body of heavy of metals and chemicals of all types. Included in this group buy are lymph and liver homeopathic remedies that can be used in conjunction with the chemical and heavy metal formulas to help make those detoxifying remedies more effective.

Also included in this group buy are two different nosodes: the West Nile nosode and a nosode mix called Travel Immunizations that includes both Yellow Fever and Malaria. As always, all of these remedies are at the lowest price possible (and you'll save money on shipping costs). These remedies are being ordered through my ND since some of these can only be obtained through a professional health expert.

This group buy will be open for 2 weeks - from August 15th to August 29th. Please make sure to place your order before midnight on August 29th.

Just like the homeopathic remedies sold in past group-buys, these homeopathic remedies can also be diluted down so you can make your own homeopathic remedies from these bottles which means that these homeopathic remedy bottles can make hundreds more of your own solutions with these formulas. Shelf life for these remedies is 20+ years.

Instructions on how to use these remedies both as preventative measures and for active infections and how to make more of your own remedies using these solutions will be included in the letter that comes with your order. 

Please note the time frame for when you can expect to receive your order:

Taking Orders: August 15-29th.
Place order: August 30th
Arrival time for remedies to our home: 4-8 weeks (depending on how quickly the nosodes will get to us)
Shipping time: 2-3 weeks

Arrival time: October 11th - October 18th

I hope these remedies will be a blessing to you and your family!



  1. More information please. Is the group buy for one of each or do we pick and choose? Is there more information on use and dosage for these remedies?
    Thank You! Marta

    1. You can order any of them. You don't have to get all of them. There will be instructions on the bottle and we will send an information sheet of our own.

  2. I am convused by this group buy - what does it hve that the 3 big ones we did earlier don't have? I am a novice! PLEASE HELP ME!

    1. Everything here is different from the group buys before.

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