Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Thoughts About the Polio-Like Illness...

Nearly every day for the past couple of weeks there have been several articles in the news about the polio-like illness (named acute flaccid myelitis) that's affecting children across America. Although the illness is serious, we shouldn't be too terribly alarmed seeing as how the number of people its affecting isn't high enough to be considered a pandemic of any kind just yet.

There are a few thoughts that go through my mind about this particular illness and others like it...

1. I do believe that "mysterious" illnesses like this "polio-like" illness and others like it will become more prevalent in the future.

2. I do believe that even though illnesses like these are caused by a virus (or several viruses) there is much we can do to help heal our body from this condition or help prevent us from ever getting such an illness in the first place.

Here are my thoughts on the matter: 

1. First, we need to set up the conditions in our body so we aren't as susceptible to getting such an illness. There are plenty of things we can do in this regard such as keeping our digestive systems strong (free of Candida, rich in good bacteria), detoxing regularly (I'll have a post coming about this soon), taking vitamin C, D3, mercury-free Omega 3 oils daily, eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of sunshine and wash our hands frequently - especially when having been out in public places.

2. Second, if the illness does hit, because it's similar to Polio - I immediately think of Dr. Klenner and the success he had with using "massive" doses of vitamin C to heal children of active Polio infections. We can do the same! Yes, vitamin C is that powerful!

What I'd do is use both Lypo-C and vitamin C powder (sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid powder both of which can be purchased from most health food stores or from Amazon).

I'd also give the infected person:
  • Zinc (anti-viral properties) 
  • Vitamin A (anti-viral properties)
  • Anti-viral homeopathic remedy (more info coming about this in my upcoming video in the next week)
  • A Polio Nosode and the West Nile Nosode (because they think this virus might be coming from mosquitos) (You'll have to get the Polio nosode from a Naturopathic doctor. The West Nile remedy can be purchased from our store.)
  • (And any other herbal or homeopathic remedies that will help support the symptoms the person is having.)
So what would this simple approach do? It'll help kick out toxins (including viruses from the body) via the large amounts of vitamin C, it'll help kick out viruses on an energetic (homeopathic) level in a generic and specific way, and it'll support the body, nutritionally, to kick out the viruses as well.

Other approaches can be included into this simple protocol such as massage techniques to help support the lymph system in detoxing these unwanted pathogens out of the body or and/or herbs to help boost the immune system like Echinacea, immune system mushroom blend, astragalus, or even an immune boosting supplement called Beta-Glucans.

If a loved one does get it, I'd also make sure to give the person nutrients that will help repair the myelin sheath like mercury-free fish oil, D3, lecithin, and food-based nutrients from a mix of bee pollen, beet powder and moringa powder.

Here are some recent articles about this illness: 

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I hope this information will help give you a bit of peace of mind regarding this illness - there is much we can do to both prevent and treat this illness. We aren't helpless. 


Necessary disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.


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