Beyond Wheat and Weeds
A 450 page guidebook to storing and using the most effective alternative remedies (and tools) for the health threats that occur during a disaster.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds is one of the first emergency preparedness books of its kind - it is a 450 page guidebook that not only lists and gives explanations to many of the world's most effective alternative, natural and nutritional remedies, ranging from ancient herbs and clay's to the latest scientific breakthrough's, but it also covers how and when to use these remedies and includes descriptions, symptoms and treatment protocols for an array of illnesses that do / could take place during a disaster.

Storing food or relying on our backyard weeds simply won't be enough once it comes to facing the infectious diseases that have and possibly will occur during a disaster.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds makes it easy to know what to store and allows any person, whether they're familiar with alternative remedies or not, to know how to use the recommended tools and remedies for preventative measures and for the treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Simply buy the book, store the remedies and you’ll be better prepared to face infectious diseases during a disaster!

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The amount of nutrition we get out of our food storage, especially during a prolonged disaster situation, determines whether we thrive during a disaster or become susceptible to the onslaught of infectious diseases that sweep through areas after a disaster has occurred.

Food Storage Powerhouse is an eye-opening book explaining 12 specific treasures that, when applied to our food storage, will allow us to increase our food storage nutrition by up to 2000%! 

If we understand what these 12 treasures are and apply them to our current and future food storage, we will have a better chance of being the one's to survive a prolonged disaster. With the health and strength that comes from adequate nutrition, our families will be protected and we will be able to help recreate civility in our community.

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7 Steps to Preparing Our Bodies NOW for What's to Come

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