Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve been studying and experimenting with alternative remedies for over 15 years (both out of natural curiosity and also to help with my recovery from chronic Lyme disease which nearly took my life).

During those studies, I became a Holistic Health Practitioner and began writing books and traveling around the U.S., teaching all-day seminars and 3-hour classes on the topics of how to use alternative remedies for the most common health ailments, how to increase the amount of nutrition we get from our food storage, and how to overcome chronic illnesses.

Although I no longer teach classes, I have plenty of information you can find within this blog, on my YouTube channel, on Facebook, and there's information that I continually share via emails and through the weekly articles I share on Patreon.

We have a store page where we sell many important and valuable alternative remedies and tools, including our popular HypoRedox (non-toxic disinfectant), our Nano Silver machine, our nebulizer, our own herbal formulas, and much more. 

We often do online group-buys for our once-a-year products - which brings the price down for everyone. (We also do local pick-ups in the Utah and Idaho area throughout the year.) 

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I hope you find some things you’re interested in as you browse my blog. And I hope that some of the info I share or products we sell will help you become healthy, stay healthy, or overcome health ailments that may come your way.

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