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Food Isn't Enough

Most of us have prepared an adequate food storage supply containing basic foods that will keep us alive were a disaster to strike - and that's good!

But I wonder ... how many of us are prepared to protect our family's health in the event of a disaster?

One woman I recently spoke to has a son who just returned from being deployed for a year in a country outside of the U.S. This son of hers informed her that biological weapons (man made viruses, bacteria or fungi purposefully designed to do as much damage as possible to the human body) were being used where he was and that, without a doubt, these biological weapons would be heading to the U.S. or be used on people within the U.S. one day.

Are You Prepared to Protect Your Family's Health?

Without trying to create panic, yet in all reality I ask: are you prepared to protect your family from natural (or man-made) diseases that can or will take place in the event of a disaster? 

Depending on the magnitude of the disaster, medical help may be days, weeks or even months away. What are you going to do to when you, your child or loved one gets an ear infection or bronchitis or a cavity or has a fever that won't come down or gets food poisoning or has a deep wound, etc?

What are you going to do when medicines, supplements or diagnosis aren't available?

Three days of diarrhea can kill a child. It's common for people to die from the infection of a simple wound in the midst of a disaster. Food poisoning is very likely when the environment isn't as sanitary as we're used to and it's conditions naturally produce contaminated water.

And those are just a few of the many threats to our health that we will face during a disaster.

Antibiotics are an Absolute Must-Have

Unfortunately antibiotics can't be purchased and stored beforehand (and, when overused, are destructive to the body anyway) so what are you going to store? 

There is an incredible selection of holistic / alternative remedies (natural antibiotics included) that I have learned about during many years of dealing with a life threatening chronic illness and they are, without a doubt, the remedies and tools we need to start stocking up on and that we need to learn how to use.

More Than Essential Oils

Many health guru's tend to love one type of natural remedy (such as essential oils) and stick with only that but doing so isn't the wisest thing to do. There are far too many other remedies and tools such as lipospheric vitamin C, nebulizer's, bentonite clay, colloidal silver, Iodine, etc, etc, that would be such a shame not to store simply because a person thought that essential oils can take care of everything. Because the fact of the matter is - they can't.

Essential oils can't pull toxins and cleanse the blood like clay can, they can't rid the body of radiation like Iodine can, they can't kill pathogens and boost the immune system in the same manner as lypo C, etc.

Should they be a part of our food storage? Definitely! Yet there are so many out there - which brand should we purchase, which of them should we store, and know how to use? I will teach that bit by bit and share that information in my book as well.

We need to be ready! We need to be informed! And we need to recognize:  
  • Modern day medicines will not be readily available in the event of a disaster.
  • Modern day medicines may, very likely, not even be sufficient in the event of a disaster.
  • And we need to recognize the importance of being prepared to protect and heal ourselves and our children, if need be, in the event of a crisis/disaster so that we can be the people to step up and help recreate civility and lend a hand to those in need of help.
Upcoming Book

There are a few must have books I recommend that are great resources to turn to to help you know what you may be dealing with and what you can do about it but I also have a book in the works, scheduled to come out mid 2014 that will be another perfect go-to resource to keep with your food storage and to turn to may situations arise that require you to use the remedies you've stocked up on. This book will list all the remedies and tools I cover on my blog and will explain when and how to use them.

Peace of Mind.

Do I feel passionately about this? You bet. 

And it is with this same passion that I share with you the best alternative remedies, tools and resources that I have come across which will help you be prepared to prevent and heal a variety of illnesses and give you peace of mind because you know what to store, you know what to turn to and you know what to do if you or a member of your family becomes ill and you're the only person who can help them.

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