Wednesday, February 4, 2015

$5 Menstrual Cups! - An Alternative to Tampons and Pads

These $5! menstrual cups are a great solution to having to store boxes and boxes of tampons or pads. They are flexible silicone cups that, once folded in half, are inserted similar to the way a tampon is inserted. They are reusable and have a 15 year lifetime guarantee.

I keep these stored for both my daughter's and I. I'm also planning on purchasing reusable liners as well to wear along with these cups. I'll share the best deal I come across for those within this post.

Here's my video about these menstrual cups:

The link to the menstrual cups that I originally shared went up in price - to $35! But here are other brands just like it that are still at super low prices:

Here they are for $6.47.

Here's the small size for $5.24.

Or $7.99.

Here's (non-graphic) instructions on how to use a menstrual cup.

And here.

Here's more detailed info about the cups. 

I hope this information will be a blessing to your and your loved ones.

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Thank you!

~ Claudia


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  2. I was looking for puppy pad link as well (a year and a half later)

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