Thursday, March 12, 2015

HypoRedox Information

Most of you know how I feel about a certain solution called HypoRedox. In short, I genuinely think it's a definite must-have for every home / home-storage.

HypoRedox is a non-toxic, non-irritating disinfectant solution that is 120 x of a better disinfectant than bleach - it's perfect for disinfecting most any surfaces!

There are other companies who also sell Hypochlorous Acid solutions. They are as follows:
  • Vetericyn - a non-stinging hypochlorous acid for healing and disinfecting pet wounds, burns, eye infections, etc. See Vetericyn link.
  • And Puracyn - a non-stinging hypochlorous acid solution for healing and disinfecting small wounds, cuts, or abrasions on people. See Puracyn link.

The possible uses for these two mentioned Hypochlorous Acid solutions include:
Please note that although these other products are being used topically or internally for pets and humans, HypoRedox is not meant to be used topically or internally. It is a solution that is certified to be used as a surface disinfectant and works perfectly for just that. 

HypoRedox has been proven to kill viruses, molds, spores, mildew, micobacterium, and bacteria on contact including pathogens such as: E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, HIV, MRSA, Candida, Rubella, Diptheria, Tuberculosis, Rabies, Tularemia, and much more - perfect for killing bacteria and possible viruses on most surfaces. 

HypoRedox is a great non-toxic surface disinfectant for disinfecting surfaces / substances such as:
  • Disinfecting tools, supplies, surfaces, equipment.
  • Disinfecting vegetables / fruits / meats. (Wash off after disinfecting.)
  • Disinfecting areas that have been infected by vomit or diarrhea.
  • Disinfecting linens / materials by washing with HypoRedox. (Think of disinfecting linens covered in diarrhea, vomit, or blood in disaster situations.)
  • Disinfecting airborne pathogens by placing in a humidifier.
  • Disinfecting dishwashers. 
  • Possible other ways. 
* Please email me for the hypochlorous acid information sheet my husband and I put together at: healthypreparednessatgmaildotcom.
Please note: HypoRedox is not certified for internal or topical use - it use certified by the EPA as a surface disinfectant.



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·         Local Group Buy (within Utah County). Minimum of 30 gallons.
Benefit: FREE Shipping. (We deliver to a drop off location) Free 2 gallons of HypoRedox to coordinator of group buys for every 30 gallons ordered.

·         Anywhere-in-Utah group buy (any city outside of Utah County). Minimum of 40 gallons.
Benefit: FREE shipping. (We deliver to a drop off location) Coordinator of this group buy gets 2 free gallons of HypoRedox for every 50 ordered.

·         Group Buy outside of Utah.  Minimum of 50 gallons.
Benefit: FREE shipping. (Delivered through a shipping company) 2 free gallons for every 50 gallons ordered.
o   Pick up location will be from the home or another location chosen by the group-buy coordinator.

INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE (Buyer pays shipping)

·         Ships 2 gallons per order – within or outside of Utah. Shipping fees will apply.  HealthyPreparedness(at)


1.       Email me letting me know you’ll be doing a group buy. (I’ll post it on my blog to let my followers know about your group buy.) healthypreparedness(at)

2.       Once you get enough commitments to make the minimum order amount – let me know through email. I will then send you a PayPal link where everyone can pay for their order. The coordinator and I will decided on the day, time and location for the group-buy pick up.

3.       The coordinator will let everyone know when that pick-up day, time, and location will be. Any orders that aren’t picked up within the hour of the pick-up time will be sent home with the coordinator allowing those that ordered it to be able to pick it up from them.