Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Announcing Spirit-Led Preparations! My First Audio CD

I've had some underlying thoughts running through my mind for some time now as I've continually had the topic of "preparedness" on my mind. One night, while driving home alone from a visit with my mother, I began talking out loud to myself clarifying what the most important messages are that I need to share with everyone.

It was during this drive home that some particular underlying messages surfaced and the idea for an audio CD was created. As these messages clarified themselves I knew I needed and wanted to share these messages with others.

Some of the messages on this CD are quite personal and are more spiritual than what I usually share. They are messages that I don't care to post up on the internet but am instead offering them to those who are wanting to hear and learn from these messages on this 45 minute audio CD titled, Spirit-Led Preparations