Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bentonite Clay Uses & $8 Resource

Bentonite clay is one of the Earth's most amazing substances it has to offer us. Not only does bentonite clay have the ability to draw toxins / poisons (aka positively charged substances) into itself but it also contains electrically charges ions which, when used topically, helps to promote healing when applied in gel form.

Bentonite clay can be used in the following ways:
  • Topically for burns
  • Topically for bites / stings
  • Topically for infections
  • Topically for bruises
  • Internally for illnesses
  • Internally for food poisoning
  • As a toothpaste to potentially reverse and prevent cavities
  • Internally for removal of toxins (pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, etc)
  • In a bath for extra toxin removal and overall healing
  • In a foot bath for toxin removal and overall healing
Here's an in-depth blog post for Bentonite clay I put together in the past ( on a blog I'm no longer focusing on). 

Here's the video where I talk about how to use Bentonite clay and where I share a possible very inexpensive alternative to the clay purchased in health food stores. Please realize though that the $8 bentonite clay resource is not food grade - I only choose to use this clay topically. 

Here are the resources I mentioned in the video and a couple of extra things:

  • Pure bentonite clay can be purchased from the following links:
    • Clay Terra - $55 per 6 lb bucket + free shipping
    • Redmond Clay - around $59 from local health food stores.
    • Azure Standard - $36 per 6 lb bucket (create an account, pick up from drop off point, small shipping fee will apply).
    • Amazon sells 6 lb buckets for around $50 - $55. 
Other resources include:

As always, I hope this information will be a blessing to you and your family.

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