Monday, May 20, 2019

First Aid & Illness Kits! (Links and Info)

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Many of you have asked if I'd make this kit available again - and here it is! Only it's a bit more "beefed up" than the last kit I sold a couple years ago. This kit contains 16 must-have herbal, homeopathic, and alternative remedies; 11 tools and supplies; it also includes an information sheet explaining what each tool, supply or remedy can be used for including a comprehensive list of ailments, health issues, and maladies that can come up and which remedy or tool can be used for each of those issues. Here's where you can purchase the First Aid & Illness Kit.

This kit is EXACTLY what I create for my own family and now we've put together 150 of these kits for others as well. Once they're gone - they're gone!

Here are the links for the printable information you'll want to print out and include with each kit:

Here's the video I made about what's in this kit:

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  1. Hi Claudia - My name is Nancy Johnson and I ordered one of the Silver Generators from you a couple of years ago. I was making a batch last night and noticed in the manual for it, that it calls it Ionic or Colloidal Silver. From some studying I did several years ago, I understood that Colloidal Silver was like 300 or more ppm and was not as effective as the more recent, upgraded version of silver solution. Can you explain to me a little more about the silver solution that my silver generator produces, and what I can expect from it.
    Thank you so much. With what is going on in the world right now, it appears from some news reports that this coronavirus could be a bad one, or even the bad one.
    Thank you so much for your help, I have been using the silver solution it produces, but have not had to use it for anything devastating.